Arranger tracks - a snapshot/scene-based approach

Either I am missing a lot about arranger tracks, or they could be so much cooler. Wouldn’t it be great if they remembered track mutes, level changes, effects send changes and so on, like snapshots or scenes one might apply to all available tracks? I mean, if I make a massive multitrack 8-bar bit of music and then want to do versions that have fewer/ different elements playing and quickly make a build and then output that to a new project, wouldn’t that be great? Arrange mode now is the same as editing a two-channel mix on the fly except with ring-out between sections, which is useful, but how about a window that lets you make the current state a snapshot between locators and have that be your A or B or whatever? Have a section that doesn’t have the double in the chorus or that adds delay automation.

I’m thinking of Logic and its pattern-based mode. I don’t really want that for Cubase, but I would like the ability to sequence playback scenes that consist of location info (when the part starts and stops), what tracks are playing, and to have a trim layer over automation so balances can be changed over time and from section to section.

Of course this can be done by copying and pasting, but the point of the Arrange track is not to have to do that.

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Interesting request. I think many people would get behind this. You should add the feature request tag. Maybe edit the title to reflect the actual request too.

Done. Thanks!

You need to build the different variations of your 8 bars one by one behind each other. Assign each of these blocks an own arranger event. Thus these blocks become your scenes.
Alternatively you could create macros for different mute states of the involved tracks.

I need to do it that way if things stay the same. I’d rather not. Having an arrange track is meant to replace copying and pasting and all that - wouldn’t it be more useful if it were more scene-based?

Wouldn’t you copy & paste also on a scene based approach? It would just look different.
There is a chance that I do not understand the essence of what you want, so kindly bear with me.

I don’t mean at all to dismiss what you are saying. You might do that as things are now. But imagine you have your 16 bar section with all tracks on. You make a snapshot of that - arrange snapshot A. You mute some drum tracks and the bass, maybe even mute some notes in a track, bump up a reverb send, unmute a delay insert, and select only the first 8 bars, and save an arrange snapshot B. Then you select bars 15 and 16, unmute the bass and pan some tracks to the outside, trim levels of existing automation on vocals and synths, and unmute the last few notes on the drums, and make another arrange snapshot C. Then you sequence those snapshots from a list of them in the arrange track popup.

This would be handy in lots of applications - edm (obviously), songwriting, procedural game music composition, scoring, and even generating multiple versions of a song - it’s another way to approach doing a “vocals down in verses but up a half-dB in the choruses except the first one” thing, except you could also do all those things plus “drop the third chorus and take out the squeaky synth”, but as a realtime playback thing inside the project, without affecting the main sequence. Any process that is a realtime process - so not instantiating a plugin, but taking one out of bypass - could be modified in an arrange snapshot. It would be good if arrange tracks would also continue to trigger picture sync - I’m not sure that they do now, will have to check. And there should be an option to replace elements of the original sequence with what’s in a snapshot - so that chorus where you made certain changes in the snapshot could be flattened and the snapshot zeroed to reflect that.

The idea of Arranger Events having properties that can be applied to automation according to which repeat is playing is what I have understood.

That’s part of it. There might be a new automation lane called Arrange trim when you are in “making arrange snapshots mode”, and one could make changes that only applied to the snapshot - an extra overlay of “make this part softer, this part louder than what it is now in automation”. But why stop there? A sequencer is just a list of playback instructions. You’d just be adding some on top on the context of arrange snapshots, so anything that you could adjust without interrupting playback ought to be fair game for that. Back in the days when computers were slower this might have been more to ask, but not now.

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