Arrangewindow: Pinning tracks and/or rulers

To split the arrangewindow is a great option and I use it in any project.

But in most situations (in MY situations of course) it could be nice to “pin” the second ruler always on top or bottom of the arrangewindow. While I use always a markertrack, chord track and the second time ruler in the upper splitted arrangewindow, so it also would be nice to pin these tracks on top or bottom of the arrangewindow.

And … without the big horizontal line.

Without a doubt, YES. +1

You’re talking about what already exists vertically in the MixConsole as ‘Zones’ and you want this applied horizontally in the project window for tracks.

No, I’m not talking about the zones.
Screenshot at Nov 05 04-34-23.png
The arrange splitter in red and the time ruler in green. Nothings about the MixConsole.

It’s the concept as ‘Zones’ in mix console, that you want re-applied in the instance you are explaining.

Where’s the time ruler in the MixConsole?

Jeezzzzus dude, I’m not saying they are 1:1 the same thing. Obviously the mix console doesn’t have a ruler. I’m saying the pinning concept is the same… The concept of having a certain particular thing, you want pinned to one spot, no matter where you scroll. You are asking for Horizontal Project Window Zones akin to the MixConsoles Zones which in fact does not have a ruler but is indeed exactly the same concept of what you are describing. I am stating, that what you want, are Zones for the project window akin to the vertical zones in the MixConsole, the difference being one has extra track types that aren’t viewable in the MixConsole, but the concept is the same - zones. I’m saying you are asking for Zones in the project window, HORIZONTAL ZONES, of which ofcoarse the project window will have project window tracks not found in the MixConsole. The ruler being one of those track types, but you want it pinned horizontally in the project window so that it is always viewable just like how in the MixConsole you can pin an Audio Channel, VCA, Group, FX, MIDI, Output, or Input channel to the left or right side of the MixConsole so that they are always viewable on the left or right side of the MixConsole which is what you are asking for but horizontally in the project window which would include the other project window tracks such as the ruler track, and the video track, and the arranger track, and marker tracks which are not found in the MixConsole but the concept is the same - Zones.