Arranging midi files with audiobus instruments not working

Hi everyone.
Have been using cubasis for nearly a year now,but since upgrading to IOS 8 i seem to not be able to arrange full midi files from my collection using the audiobus app instruments such as sampletank bismark and imini.

Everytime i import a midi file and try to insert a audiobus instrument app it just creates an audio track next to it and doesn’t allow me to play the midi track with the selected audiobus based instrument.

Early on this year i was able to do this without problems,anyone know whats happened?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rickos,

As a suggestion please grab the relevant MIDI events and place them on the newly created Audiobus track.



Hi Lars.
I’ve been trying that idea for a while and it makes no difference,the core problem is that it will not play audiobus 3rd party instruments for midi files,i can record new realtime midi parts for the built in virtual instruments but i can’t use 3rd party ones,this is so annoying as it used to do the job perfectly before.
Thanks for the reply.

Hi Rickos,

Please let me have an exact step-by-step repro including an example file so we’re able to see the problem ourselves.
Upload both (e.g. to WeTransfer using your own address) and let me have the download link via PM.