Arranging songs like in Studio One


I’ve recently worked with Studio One (being a Cubase user for 20 years and not willing to change :)) and found a remarkable feature; now I wonder if that is existing in Cubase as well. In Studio One the events are bound to the arranger track. When you move/copy an arranger track part, all the parts within/underneath it are moving also, and the result is perfect! No cut MIDI notes or something.

So far I was always painstakinly highlighting events of a section, and then copying or dragging over. Is there a better method to do this?

I guess if you want it to look and feel like Studio One then you use Studio One :smiley:

sorry, couldn’t help myself…

anyways - I don’t know what the arranger track in Studio One does, but Cubase has something called the arranger track. I assume you have checked that out?

is it something similar to this: :point_right: How To Use The Arranger Track In Cubase - Quick Tutorial - YouTube ?

Yes, Cubase has indeed also the arranger track. Not sure if it does exactly what you are looking for. But it’s pretty versatile. Dom Sigalas has a nice video about it also:

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Just because I want a single feature from another DAW doesn’t mean I like the whole of it. I tried Studio One for a while but returned to Cubase. There are some cool things there - especially the Sound Variations compared to the outdated Expression Maps - but Cubase feels way better to work with.

Thanks for that video! I didn’t know the Arranger Track is so versatile. The Studio One feature is still the quicker solution, but this is also very useful to know.

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AFAIK there is nothing directly like it in Cubase.
The Range Tool would be the closest (if you hold the modifier key to select everything vertically). It would let you mark and move sections of a song easily. However, I ran into a bug when using this tool, which made me lose my trust in it and therefore I cannot recommend using it.
Personally I place the locators and then use Edit → Select → In Loop. These two steps can be combined in a macro. Use Arranger events or cycle marker to be able to use the macro efficiently.

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Put everything in a shared folder, and it will be almost as convenient

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