Arranging VST plugs via TAGS

Please, can you add option/feature in next Cubase 5.5 update (like 5.5.4 :smiley:) to be able to ARRANGE VST EFFECTS IN CATEGORIES VIA TAGS, please?

My problem is I am dealing with many many many VST plugs (like 300, many freeware that I often just test for potential use) that I need to scroll thru all of them when I want for example VST effect begining with letter “m”…gee, annoying a lot! :frowning:

Having such an option like GROUPING/SORTING THEM IN CATEGORIES VIA TAGS would be realy superb!!! I mean categories exactly the same way as Cubase has integrated for their own plugs (cats like: DYNAMICS, REVERB, MODULATIONS etc.)…it could be made viac VST PLUGINS INFO WINDOW where after selecting desired VST plugin one would right-click with mouse on it selecting option TAGs or GROUP TAGs (or something like that :smiley:), then new window would open where one could write down desired tags under which the plugin will appear in VST plugin list in C5.5 (or every TAG that is written down would create new category in VST plugin list under which that plugin would appear so one plug could appear under several categories, like COMPRESSION, LIMITER, TUBE EMULATOR…in all 3 of them at the same time! So, the “pointer” to actual “*.dll” would be just some kind of shortcut to actual file so it could be pretty possible I guess) - this idea is DEFFINITELY NEEDED FOR MANY USERS! :wink:

So: please, is there any chance that Steinberg team will include something like this for C5.5 users or there is no chance for this?

Read the sticky on top of the page…

Do you mean "Cubase / Cubase Studio 5.5.3 final update released "? So should I understand it the way it is the last update for C5.5 EVER? Cos else I am affraid I do not fully understand what you mean…? :frowning:

I guess that´s what “final” usually means …