Arrg! Reinstalled Win7 and Cubase: Where are the pool files?

OK, problem. I have all my wave files from the project saved, sure, and the pool shows an audio wave in the track window in the pool - but there is no sound and I am told the tracks cannot be found. The project is loaded as it should be but with no audio files.

So…where are the Pool files? Are they gone? Poof?

Is there some way to relabel the saved audio tracks so that the Pool will recognize them and load them?

This is so maddening because they were there after the reinstall - but now they are gone. Did I cause the program (Cubase) to loose them somehow?

The “pool files” are referenced files from your project and as that, they reside in the folders they where, when you created the project - so if you move those folders, or rename them, Cubase will not find them anymore . that´s why you then get a “locate/resolve missing files” dialogue on startup of the project, where you can define the new location of the files

Yeah, thanks. Hm. Nothing seems to make any sense, the way things are behaving. I find this reloading process a total drag. Hopefully I will find the missing pool tracks but no joy as of yet. Buggers. :imp:

Does anyone happen to know what the name of the original path of the Pool tracks? In other words, where does Cubase store the tracks without being redirected? Is it App Roaming? I cannot figure this mess out. And thanks for any help.

The “Pool” tracks are in the project Audio folder inside the Project folder. If you just backed up the .cpr, they’re gone. Each project should have its own folder containing all the associated folders eg. Audio, Edits, Freeze etc… .

Do you have your new projects prompt you for a directory or do you choose that after you create a new project? There is some confusion when the software cranks up a new project without prompting you for the path. It uses the “default” /audio path. Not the path that you choose when you finally save the project file. I burned myself on that a couple of times. So, maybe just look for an “audio” directory that has a crap load of files in it.

Like JMCecil mentions, this is only true when a new project is started from a template - it is very much recommended to always do this. The Pool of each project is just an overview of all referenced audio files in the projects, so they could be from all over the place if you’re not careful…

Yes, which is why I added;

Which is great, except I know a few folks “thought” they had individual folders, but because of the non-template save quirk, they did not. They simply had a project folder with the project file. I was in this group at one time. The “new project” process for Cubase is not intuitive nor convenient. It’s not a problem once you fix it with templates, but from jump street it is another of those odd “choices” for how simple things don’t work so simple at times in Cubase.

The new project dialog box has a create new folder at the bottom which applies to any directory you choose.

Unless we are talking about a different thing, that doesn’t apply to the audio files. The audio files will continue to go to the directory that was in play when you started the template project.

Thanks all. I’ve been a bit distracted of late but I will start another search process tomorrow.

The funny thing here is that - when I initially loaded C6.5.5 after the fresh Win7 install, the project in question had all of the tracks EXCEPT the drum tracks. And these drum tracks were an addition to the original project, having tried three different drummers for the song. This was when I considered that I needed to direct Cubase (the Pool?) to my traditional created song folders - just like I used to do - which always worked. …But Cubase told me these were not POOL files! Schitzba!

It’s then that I considered that maybe the Pool files were in User/App Roaming or somesuch, but apparently not. It just cripples me, not understanding where these files are and not being able to link Cubase to them. :imp: :cry:

You can simply look up the original file path in the pool

OK, and thinkingcap you are correct, the files are listed in the pool and they are there. However…

Wait, my bad. Schitzba!

My Control Room outputs weren’t connected. I had connected them but obviously something changed and they were not connected. This was also coupled with a change in the Preferences on my part to select ‘Smallest size wave file to show data’ to two spaces - something I had never done before - and so, with no tracks expanded beyond one space it looked like my tracks were not containing any audio data. As I hit ‘play’ there was no audio and I assumed the data was gone. When I went to the pool, the audio data was there but I had no sound. I just assumed that there was some insane misfire here. Oh brother.

Gentlemen, my apologies. Thank you all for trying to help me, of course. You can imagine what a relief it is to discover that everything is still here! Egads, I was kicking myself really hard for reloading Win7!!!