Arrow crafter font breaks PDF export


I used the arrow crafter font in one piece. On viewing the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader (tried both latest version and old version), I get an error message when scrolling down to the first page with an arrow, and all systems after that first arrow are incomplete or missing.

I had to use an external PDF printer program to export my score.

Any idea how to fix this?


Hmm, I use Arrow Crafter font and haven’t experienced the issue you’re having.

What’s the error message? What particular font character seems to be triggering it? Can you share the file here?I think we need more information to diagnose this.

The file is attached - I discovered the problem when I was doing my doctoral composition comprehensive exam (24 hours to compose a two minute piece) and used the arrow crafter font for the first time.
Composition Comprehensive Exam (658 KB)

Michael, it looks as if you have the Arrow Crafter font installed only for your user account, rather than for all users. Please see this earlier thread.