Arrow key navigation not working

I just noticed that using arrow keys to move to previous or next note is not working in page view. What happens when typing the arrow key is that there is a playback of the note I am currently on, but the highlighted note does not change to a new note. Galley view works fine. This is a new behavior. It seems to be a problem with one particular project, not others. Additionally, out of the 5 flows in this project, one flow works! Anyone else experiencing this? Very strange.

Is it possible that you have multiple frame chains in the layout you’re working on? If so, I’m afraid this is a known limitation for the time being.

Yes, I have 3 flows on one page and 2 flows on another. Well, at least you know about it. Thanks! After your reply I was curious to see if it would work again in Galley View and I can report that it does. So in Page View with multiple frame chains there may be an issue with navigation using the arrow keys.