Arrow keys revert view to different part of track?

OK, maybe this is how it’s supposed to be but I do not see this as helpful.

If I have, for example, three WAVE EXPANDED tracks up of the same acoustic guitar from three different mics, and I find a place in the track, say 40 bars in, that I want to edit. If I want to look at each individual track - in the exact same place - I would think that I could typically go to my arrows keys and just arrow up or down. Doing this I would first of all think that the zoom would follow the track I had moved to via the arrow keys - and it does, great - but my bar view changes. In this case in fact, it drops back to bar 9 or so. Understood? I am looking at the region of my track at the bar 40 position, and I hit my arrow key to move to the next track and my view of bar 40 reverts to the bar 9 area?

…Which means I have to move my view back to the bar 40 region by dragging the window slider button at the bottom of my project. :cry:

If I use the mouse, of course, and just click on the next track, the view window stays where it is.

Is this typical? Have I not clicked on something in my Pref tab? Are the arrow keys not meant to be used when your tracks are expanded?

Where do you have your cursor?

Good question and the answer is anywhere and everywhere. In other words, I thought, too, that the curser position might influence this odd behavior. It doesn’t. Can you duplicate this, run out to bar 40 or so, record two tracks there, EXPAND the track image, zoom in, and try to toggle between the two lanes? For some reason I am sent back to bar 9-ish. Really strange behavior I think and a buzz kill as well.

Not in front of Cubase, but IIRC there’s a specific KC to nav to different lanes.

I’m out an about now as well, so I won’t be able to check for awhile.

There is a preference that I can’t recall off the top of my head that says something like about auto-selecting events and ignoring track position. Just can’t remember their exact names.

OK, if there is a different KC for this feature that would be kinda odd wouldn’t it, Nate? I’m a simple guy here afterall.

As to something pertaining to this in Prefs, cool, that would be a nice headsup. Hm, if you can recall reading this info I am in awe!! A few minutes into the Prefs and I am baked. I just don’t think or write like the author - and yes, that is my misfortune.

Funny thing is, I am trying to use just my keyboard because it is so much faster and then this pops up. There must be a way to eliminate it. Thanks both of you for your help.

Learning your key commands and limiting mouse work is the best possible thing you can do from a speed standpoint. The only problem is when new versions or updates mess with your key commands. Or, they remove a key command you used to use regularly… bleh.

N is the default for selecting the next event. B for previous, but you have to hit the forward arrow after to select the previous lave again.

Nate, woah. What? Since I have the preset tabs also set up in the project, then hitting ‘N’ and ‘B’ moves the curser to these points, left to right.

Maybe I’m not clear, I am talking about the 4 arrow keys that are next to the number keys? West - North/South - East? If I have my project using collapsed lanes and viewable on my screens, hitting the ‘North’ or South’ arrows moves the selected track up or down. ?

In Preferences -> Editing

Uncheck “Auto Select Events under Cursor”


Uncheck "Track Selection Follows Event Selection


Uncheck “Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Slecting Tracks only”

See if that fixes it. You may only need the first and last of those, but I think there was an odd scenario that forced me to do the middle one as well.

Hm, JM, no cigar on that idea as all those boxes are unchecked. However, it occurs to me that I SHOULD check: “Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only”. …Right? This seems lappropriate to my purpose actually.

I’m going to check that and try it right now.

OKAY!! This worked! Thank you for the insight and direction JM. And like I said before, I really don’t typically think like the guy who wrote the Prefs so this would be an exception. I do see where he was saying what I thought he was saying.

Too, I guess, as with all these choices, there comes a loss? What other options are there for the arrow keys I refer to? Would these be something someone would program? Or is there some ‘natural’ Steinberg move that they make short of selecting tracks vertically? I don’t know of any. Is ignorance really bliss? :smiley: