Arsenal crashing Cubase Pro 8

Had Arsenal (m-audio) and Hybrid 3 (software included with the Trigger Finger Pro) working fine in Cubase 7.5. I have updated to Pro 8 (now 8.20) and since changing to Pro when I try to run Cubase it crashes when either the Hybrid or Arsenal VST is in the VST folder. I’ve tried reinstalling all software and still same problem. Have spoken at length with m-audio and they have suggested I ask Steinberg.
Any suggestions as to why this may be?
Thank you

Well, so the same thing happens to be under both Cubase 9 and 9.5. Also, XPand!2 makes Cubase crash with, what it seems, certain presets loaded.

Why no answers?

Arsenal with Cubase 7.5 is ok.

Arsenal crash with Cubase 8 -9 -9.5.


Can you help me?

Well, I dunno. I’ve tried to contact AIR, but with no reply although obviously they are active on facebook. Perhaps Steinberg could look into it, but I doubt it.

This thread should btw be under another heading in the forums, supposedly the VST instruments one…