Articulation map with external device


I set note symbols on a piano score so that I could have them effect when I playback the instrument, so that I can hear tremolo, arpeggio and so on.

To accomplish that, I know that I have to use articulation maps. I read those work only with VSTs that allow those commands.

However, what I’m using now is an external keyboard (Yamaha Motif XS8) and a MIDI track with no VST, from which I get also the piano sound.

Is there any way to make note symbols work on an external device?


It can.
How would you switch between different articulations on your Motif? By Program Change messages, MIDI CC, Key switches…?
Have you looked at Expression Maps yet?

I did. I do believe it uses program change, but I’m afraid there is a limited number of things it can do (such as pitch, modulation wheel, volume etc.).

I tried to open the expression map setup window and set program change messages, but I’m stuck and I literally don’t know how to go on from there and make it work. I just wanted to add tremolo and arpeggio in the score editor, but I’m not even sure it can do that.

If there’s any clear tutorial or way to do this, please let me know. Unfortunately, it’s a very old keyboard and I’m just a basic user.