Articulation Maps and how to trigger


I can create articulation maps (fairly easy and actually fun to do) and I do see how I can assign a key to trigger each articulation on the track. However, doing so then removes that octave from my 61 key keyboard, which isn’t much fun. Is there anyway I can assign those key triggers to a different midi channel so I could, for example, switch articulations with another midi device but still play the instrument with my keyboard? Or is this just the price we have to pay for such easy switching?


No, there is no way, how to assign other but MIDI Note MIDI message.

Just use a MIDI Notes out of your MIDI Keyboard range, please.

Please note that the way Martin described it you can of course also use another midi device to control the “special range” (Midi notes out of your midi keyboard range) that is assigned to the articulation maps.

Ah, okay, that makes sense (not sure why I didn’t think of that before). Thanks, folks.