Articulation not continuing

Is there something I missing. I mean, what’s going on???
The staccato is not working on (UPDATE) any instrument after measure 2 beat 3.5 for no apparent reason I can find. Anybody? Ideas?
Here is the Clarinet part for example. All 20 instruments currently in use in this flow are not registering the the INTERNAL articulation staccato after this point in the flow

Something is going on at beat 3.5 in m.2

Other articulations are working as expected.

but not staccato in this spot. I haven’t looked going forward. I get a little OCD on these glitches, selff-inflicted or otherwise. I would think it was my mapping, aber, alles ist in ordnung dort.

Can you attach a (stripped down) version of the file that exposes this strange behaviour?

Well no need.

Here’s the weird.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 09.53.28

The tempo change indicated above was the culprit.

Removed this tempo indication AND the Q=50 and every articulation returned. I don’t know how extensive my articulation were affected in any other flow.

It seems that when I add any of the tempo styles (med swing, light swing, heavy swing 8 or 16 this breaks my staccato.

Perhaps you should attach some sort of a project anyway. You might be able to get a specific answer (or report a bug!).


I am unable to replicate any of your complaints.