Articulation not working in some bars

I notice something strange… I just upgraded to 4.3 (Elements).
I’m using an expression map on my instrument but notice that on some bars, when, for example, I add a staccato mark, the articualtion is not updated.
In other bars it is working just fine.

When I copy those bars and paste them at the end of the piece, the articulation changes do happen. When I copy the bars from the end and I try to paste them over the old one, the articulation changes do not happen.

Is there something I could do wrong that could cause this?
I don’t believe it’s an issue with the expression map since otherwise, the copy/paste would result in the same behaviour, right?

Attached are two images, one from 3 bars where he doesn’t make the changes and the other from when I pasted those 3 bars at the end, where the changed do happen:

I think this will probably be the new option for “Maximum duration for staccato playback technique”, which you can find on the Timing page of Playback Options.

Exactly this. I was running into the same issue and it fixed it immediately. Thank you, @Richard_Lanyon!

Where is that option? I cannot seem to find this. Is this a Pro only thing?
Also, why would that solve the issue if I copy/paste to the same instrument, it all of a sudden works but not on these few bars…

Yes, that option is only available in Dorico Pro. If you want to attach your project here, I can turn the option off and send the project back to you.

I can’t imagine this is by design? This means that people like me, who don’t own the pro can’t use articulations properly? It’s not that I got the project from someone who is using pro. I created the project from scratch so how is it possible this doesn’t work?

And also, like I mentioned, how can this option resolve the issue if some measures later, when I paste those bars in, the articulations are working just fine. Instead of measure 17, it’s measure 67 on the same instrument.

No, it’s not by design. There’s a bug in this new option which we will address as soon as we can. It should be fine for this option to be switched on, as it is by default, but because of a bug it is currently better for the option to be switched off.

ah ok. Good to hear :slight_smile:
Attached is my project so you can turn it off, thank you.
opdracht4_LP.dorico (1.2 MB)

Don’t be alarmed when Dorico tells you this project was created in a later version. For expediency I used my development build to turn off the option in this project.

opdracht4_LP.dorico (434.7 KB)

Yes, seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks!