Articulation note followed by notes without articulation. Record (midi-thru) vs Playback

Hi there!
Currently, notes that are not assigned to an articulation will always play as if they were assigned to articulation no. 1. Yet, when Cubase is recording, and the cursor starts before a note that is assigned to an articulation, midi-thru will use that articulation instead (the one of the last note)

The feature request I’m making
Can you please make the notes that are not assigned to an articulation (“none” notes) default/revert to the articulation of the last note?

I wish that the playback would reflect the behavior present in the record scenario (in which the notes without articulation will automatically be assigned to the last note articulation).

This is my expression map…

As always, I wish the feature added only if it’s not to big of a trouble for you.
Thank you.

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