Articulation question

Hi, can you please tell me what type of articulation this may be? Can it be some sort of Marcatto?
(Basson Part).

Thank you.

@Jorge_Costa , I can’t recall ever seeing that marking. What’s the context (piece, publisher, year engraved/printed, etc.)? (I’m wondering if it was a symbol in some use at som time/in some region that’s now fallen by the wayside.)

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@judddanby , I’ve never seen that marking before either.

It’s from a Franz Danzi (1763 - 1826) Wind Quintet Op.56 nº1
It appears once or twice at horn and bassoon parts.
( on YouTube)

I thought it could be an articulation used at the time.

Not having a view at a proper publisher or manuscript, it’s hard to tell , hence my question.

Thank you for your input.

Never saw such a thing. I looked for the score and it is most probably an erroneously splitted/misaligned single slur between the two notes.
This articulation happens multiple times elsewhere, with the correct notation, in the piece:

(and sorry but: Marcato is with one T only.)


Thank you for the heads-up Christian, you’re absolutely correct, that was a typo.

I suspect it might have been user error, whilst engraving the music.
The music has been engraved with a notation software, called “Capella”.
I could not find a manuscript of that quintet, but I was able to check the first print from ca. 1822. There is no sign of these “articulations”.
Please have a look:
music engraving (made with Capella):

Bassoon (1st printed edition):

Horn part:

A user of Capella might be able to find an explanation for these “errors”.


The mystery about special articulations for wind instruments by Franz Danzi (1763-1826) is
I received a friendly reply from the person who did the original engraving - back in 2005:

no, this is a mistake. These signs are broken slurs. This could occur in old version of capella after having changed the line breaks. So in your example, the sign in the horn part should be deleted and the two signs in the bassoon part should be replaced by a slur.
Best wishes


@Jorge_Costa , @Christian_R , and @k_b , what a great thread — *“bravo!”*to all!

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Thank you so much KB!
Also, thanks to all that gave input to this thread!