Articulation Suggestion Idea

In a lot of the percussion work I have done, I find that percussion arrangers have a lot of notation elements that are unique to them as an arranger.

For instance, one person I worked for would use a sizably larger staccato dot over notes to indicate what was to be played as a half accent, as opposed to a full accent. I am sure there are other symbols that could be used. However, it would be nice if there was a way to create your own set of articulations, dynamics, etc. I’m not sure how it would look from the user side since I have yet to get the software (6 days left, I hope), but being able to create and utilize your own symbols would go very far in the work I do.

I’d like to add this to a list of future feature requests.


We certainly intend to make it possible to both change the default symbols used for all of the built-in notations, and also to define your own playing techniques, in the fullness of time. Most of the pieces are in place already, but a fair bit of user interface needs to be built to connect it all together.