Articulations in Logical Editor

I know I have mentioned this before. But can we expect the ability to see if a note has an expression map attribute assigned to it or if a direction is active
and perform operations on the note depending on what the articulation is?

This is kind of a big deal for orchestral composers who like to switch articulations on a single track but also want to be able to apply offsets for timing to notes in an articulation-specific way. Imagine having a macro for, say, Berlin Strings, running several presets that shift staccato notes -20ms, legato note starts -40ms, pizzicato -15ms etc. This would be insanely useful. With a library specifically designed with offsets in mind, like CSS, this would be amazing - but also with those that are pretty close, like VSL, or any of the physically modeled ones which are very consistent.

All it needs to see is the CC or program change or whatever that controls the articulation switch and the expression map so it can use a name rather than a number.

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You probably should add a Feature Request tag to your original post

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