Articulations NOT appearing in response to Expression Map

Hi everyone. I have been working on creating expression maps for various non-Steinberg instruments. When I complete the maps (I am trying to use Channels to switch between articulations rather than keyswitches), I save the map. Then I load it up as part of a particular track. So far so good… But here’s the thing…

When I go to assign articulations on the MIDI screen, I select a note (or a group of notes), but the “Articulation” setting at the top of the page does not activate when clicked. It reads “None” and does not allow me to change it. In other words, the Expression Map is loaded, but the MIDI screen’s articulation tab does not seem to know it’s there.

I am assuming this is a simple as ticking a box are changing a setting, but after a couple of hours, I don’t know what the issue can be. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Sounds like they are defined as Directions, rather than Attributes in the exp. map.


Musical articulations define how specific notes are sung or performed on a given instrument. They can also define the relative volume of notes or the changes in pitch.

The following articulation types are available:


Directions, such as pizzicato, are valid for all notes from their insert position, to the insert position of the next direction. They are applied to a continuous range of notes, or even an entire piece of music.


Attributes, such as accents, or staccato, are valid for single notes.

Steve. Thank you! That worked, and I’m very happy about it!

Except I don’t totally understand… I thought that “Direction” would choose an articulation for every note after the insertion of that articulation, and that “Attribute” only affects a single note at a time. Do you have an idea about why Attribute would appear in the Articulation selection bar, but “Direction” would not?

Although this way is working, it means that I always have to use “Attribute”? Or is there something I don’t know?

This is because attributes are note attached, but directions are just located at a position in the timeline, and affect all following notes.

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