Articulations not playing correct when exporting audio

I’m having articulations that are playing correctly in Cubase, but not playing correctly when rendered as exported audio. If you look at this screen capture
What happens with the exported audio is that the F1 on bar 1 plays using the slot 4 articulation as expected. But the notes that follow (B1, G1, etc.) play using the slot 1 articulation up until the F1 on bar 3 where the slot 4 articulation is correctly used and from then on throughout the rest of the song the proper articulations get used. These are direction articulations which are triggering keyswitches. Looking in the list editor all looks as I’d expect.

When playing back in Cubase all is correct, it is only the exported audio that is wrong. However earlier I did have problems during regular Cubase playback that the initial articulation (or two) seemed to be ignored. Sticking a couple of extra “dummy” articulation changes before any notes played seemed to fix that. And as you can see I stuck in a whole bunch of articulation changes here in hopes that would help with the export, but it doesn’t.

I have preferences set to chase all events except sysex. But that shouldn’t really matter since the left locator is set earlier than any midi data occurs, so there should be nothing to chase.

I strongly suspect that this is another symptom of the underlying described in this thread even though the problems are a bit different.

Do you have the ‘Real Time’ option set for Export Audio? Whatever you have it set as, try the other option. I seem to recall having a similar issue and switching from one to the other did the trick. It was counter-intuitive, but it worked.

Thanks suntower. I checked the real time export box and it rendered the audio correctly. Though it does seem that it should get the articulations correct either way. :frowning:

I recall awhile back that I encountered some kind of problem when I used real time export. I don’t remember what the specific problem was, although I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

So many things in life should work better. :smiley:

This mis-behaviour did a 180 back in C5 I think. It used to be that -only- Real Time worked properly for some CPRs.