Articulations of Force


I’ve just bought my Dorico 2 upgrade and am sad to see that the first thing I checked out shows no improvement :confused:

I cam out of a rehearsal a few days ago where the players reported that accents which in the score were placed on the 2nd note of a tie (because I individually went into each note and selected “Articulations of Force --> Pos. in tie chain --> last note”) were on the 1st note in the parts. I’d failed to spot this when proofreading, so ultimately my responsibility, but why would score and parts be different here? Surely this is something that should be carried over to all layouts?

Best, Michael

Set up a new score with default settings, type in a few notes, then invoke the Shift-D popover and type “p cresc.”. Hit return. You’ll get what you typed: some text saying “p cresc.”. Then go into the Part and see that you’ve got a p with a rather short hairpin.

This is a MUCH bigger question about overrides in general. Virtually all overrides are layout-specific, which means you have to perform them in each layout separately.
I hate it, you hate it, but it is what it is, at least for now.

Search this forum a little harder and you’ll see that the developers have already said that they’re trying to work out how to improve this behaviour.

In my dreams the off/on property slider becomes tri-state: off, on, or linked.

Good plan Ian.

Yes, I’ve seen similar cresc/hairpin problems. Really unsure how this could be overlooked in the design. Really hope it gets fixed. Right now I paid a 99euro upgrade just to get large time signatures (other new features not useful to me, sadly).

Best, Michael

Take a look at the Articulations page of Engraving Options, where you will find options for the default tie-relative placement of articulations of each kind, so that you don’t have to use properties for this.

Thanks for this Daniel, but that’s then global, right? So if some accents are at the beginning, and some at the end of the chain, they’d all be changed to one or the other? And if you change some back, that won’t be reflected in the part layout, right? Best, Michael

Yes, it’s global, and override-able on a per-tie chain basis via Properties. At the moment those properties are indeed set on a per-layout basis, which means that changes made in the full score will not transfer to the parts.

OK thanks for the confirmation Daniel. Sorry if I’ve missed discussion of this elsewhere, but are there plans to change this? I can’t think of an instance where you’d want an accent at the beginning in the score and at the end in a part (or vice-versa) but I might be missing something of course. Best, Michael

Yes, in general terms we are certainly planning to make it possible to propagate these kinds of property changes to all layouts.