Articulations Shown In Key Editor Note Info Bar

Working with Expression Maps, it appears that when working in the Key Editor articulations that are created with text instead of symbols are not shown in the drop-down selection under Articulations in the Note Info bar at the top.

For example, articulations that are traditionally notated with standard symbols, like staccato, or tremolo, can be selected from the dropdown. But legato, whether created with the standard Cubase-provided selection or with a custom text, do not even show in the dropdown. They do show in the Expression Map during creation, and in the Articulation lane below the Editor.

Can someone explain why this might be, or how it might be overcome?

This is important to me because I’m hoping to use this dropdown instead of the Articulation lane to select note articulations from the mapping, primarily because it uses less screen real estate when there are quite a few articulations available.

(reading between the lines a little, here :wink: )…
It isn’t the fact that the articulations have text rather than symbols, but the fact that the Info Line shows only Attribute-type articulations (because they belong to the selected note). If your Articulations are Direction-type, they don’t actually “belong” to any particular note… but if you select the articulation itself, its text does appear in the Info Line, but, (as you say) cannot be changed from there. I suppose it would make sense to be able to change a direction-type articulation from the Info Line, though :wink:.

Ah, that helps. Makes more sense. Thanks Vic!