Articulations - time-shift?

Is it possible to time-shift articulations?

At the moment, using any articulation makes the note sound first, then the shift to that particular articulation takes place - causing an audible glitch. I need to be able to pre-delay them by a few milliseconds to prevent this.

Any ideas?

Is this happening with Attribute-type articulations, with Direction-type articulations, or both?
There is nothing you can do about moving Attribute-type articulations, but, for Direction-type, you can select them in the lanes of the Key Editor, and nudge them forward.

I have in fact done a Logical Editor Preset which does work… although it is not without danger ( :open_mouth: )…
We cannot isolate the Articulations directly, so, instead, I chose to ignore all other types (but that isn’t to say that some other types might not slip through… in fact, I have just tried, and this affects Score Dynamics also, so you’d have to be sure to deselect them).

It goes something like this…
Upper Section…
Type is___Unequal___Note___and
Type is___Unequal___Polypressure___and
Type is___Unequal___Controller___and
Type is___[etc. going through the list of available items]

Lower Section…
Position___Subtract___0.00.00.010 PPQ (advances all items that pass through the filter… here, hopefully, just the articulations, by 10 MIDI clicks)

Function = “Transform”

This does work for Direction-type Articulations, but I cannot guarantee that it won’t also move some other non-specified items :wink:.

Thanks for the quick reply, Vic.

Though I’ve been a Cubase user since Pro24 on Atari, I’ve been away from midi & sample playback for a while, so just getting used to some of the newer things in there.

I hadn’t actually thought about using Transform - though I used to live in it, many years ago. Thing is, the generated articulations are in fact just notes, C0, C#0 etc [like old-style Halion, I remember from v1 - you can tell how long I’ve been away from this, can’t you] but the data itself isn’t in the midi track, so transform has no effect. It seems it is tied directly to the note/event.

For now I’ve gone back to pre-articulation days & am just clicking in my C#0 etc a 16th or so before each articulation change. Not ideal, but I did it that way for so long, that I’ll manage, until I figure out a better way. :wink: