Perhaps someone knows of a setting I’m missing here. Trial version of c6. Can’t find expression maps for halionsonic se. If I load up maps for halion orch or halion one and try to use them, I get an audible bass note when penciling in articulations. same on playback, a bass note instead of the articulation.

I’ve searched the folders for other maps but haven’t found any.

I was under the impression that the map just connected a controller/articulation lane to a keyswitch and gave it a name. If you are pressing the keyswitch for the articulation and getting a bass note instead of the alternate samples my guess would be that the patch/program either has no alternate samples OR the keyswitch has been moved when the program was migrated to HSSE. I say this because when I use HSSE, there are many keyswitches that show up on the piano roll at the bottom as “remapped”.

Something else that might be helpful is that when I was using Cubase 6 trial, I remember a problem with the VST Expression patches. When I tried to load a project with a VST Expression instrument in it, I got errors to the effect of “can’t find samples.” I can confirm for you that the trial doesn’t have all the sounds for HSSE. When I got the full Cubase 6, all the VST Expression worked fine.

Lastly, there is a HSO VST Sound Set for use in Halion Sonic/HSSE that would be a free upgrade for you if you already own HSO. My guess is that this library would have all the correct mappings.


Thanks J. L. for reaffirming. I’m sure I’m upgrading anyway so hopefully everything will be there in the new version. Having the trial is good for making sure all the hardware is compatable. Currently using c4 so the expression/articulation improvements are intersesting to me now as it should save alot of time over manually making program changes.