Artifacts when bounce selection

I’m editing some bass parts and noticed that there are strange artifacts–like warbling sounds–when I bounce the selection (as if musical based were turned on and I was time stretching the audio). When I leave the parts cut up and cross faded (do not bounce) it sounds fine. But as soon as I bounce, I get the warble sound. Of course, I’d rather bounce selection in order to simplify editing. Attached are two files: One cut up and cross faded and the other is the same file bounced.

Bass is bussed to stereo out and no plugins are used. I tried this with musical and linear time base. Why is this happening? Is there a setting I missed somewhere? (734 KB)

Never mind. I found that I had to click on the bounced selection and choose “Independent” on the Gobal Transpose area. Don’t know why it defaults to “Follow” after it’s bounced if the parts were “Independent” to begin with.