Artificial Hamonics 2 octaves too high noteperformer

As the topic says, I have a weird problem with violins in Noteperformer playing artificial (fourth-)harmonics 4 octaves higher than the notated pitch (fundamental) - should be only 2 octaves above (which it is in another violin part in the same score). I can’t figure what setting might be wrong or if there is something hidden or similar. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Could you please attach a small Dorico file that shows this problem? That will make it a lot easier to figure out what’s going on.

Sure, here it is:

harmonics-problem.dorico (594.5 KB)

There are people here who I am sure can help more, but when I opened your file I could not hear Violin 2 at all. I went into Play mode, and saw that some of the checkboxes (circled below) were turned on, some turned off. After I turned off both Violin 1 and 2, then it worked, and both violins were in the right octave.

But I’m not sure why that worked!

Thanks for your help! That worked! What’s more strange is that when turning the checkboxes back on, the problem didn’t reoccur. Very strange - also the extra octavation in the first place - maybe a bug (?).