Artificial Harmonics in next update?

I’ve seen listed much of what’s coming in the next update, much of which is around chord symbols, which is a great addition. Are artificial harmonics on the cards any time soon? Both in terms of display and playback?

By which you mean diamond noteheads a fourth or fifth above a written “normal” notehead? No change in this area for the next update, I’m afraid.

Yes, that’s what I mean, 3rd, 4th, 5th above, etc. That’s a shame, though understandable that not everything can be done at once and there are likely bigger priorities.

Then how about the position of the natural harmonic symbol when combined with an ottava line?

And having the symbol (“white” diamond) as a notehead option, not bound to the rhythmic value, to use it as a workaround but also necessary for a lot of other purposes (winds harmonics, breathing and whistling sounds, special vocal techniques, silent pressed keys)?

People, I’d rather not have to provide you with an update on every one of your favourite requests that you’ve submitted over the past few months, but for these specific questions I will answer.

Claude, no, there’s no change to the positioning of octave lines versus playing techniques in this update. We know it’s not good, but it’s not easy to fix and will require some substantial rework.

Mati, we have not yet added any new notehead types in this update.