Artificial harmonics tablature appearance

Artificial harmonics show up in tablature as the fretted position and the fret where you touch the string (in parenthesis)
example a g on string 1 3 (15) where 3 is the fretted note and 15 the touched position

Is there an option to remove the touched position to clean up the tablature ( because a guitarist who plays artificial harmonics knows what he’s doing )

I am using Dorico pro 4.3

I’m afraid not. You could display the harmonic as a Pinch harmonic instead of a touch harmonic, but that will change the appearance on the notation staff as well (it will show the sounding pitch instead of the touched pitch).

Yes , I’ve tried the pinch harmonic option , but thats not what I want .
It could be easier if you could just write the notes as diamond shapes and add the natural/ artificial-harmonic option in plan text above the notes .

Is it also possible to select all harmonics and change their properties in the lower zone.
When I select more harmonics ( with Ctrl+ ) that option dissappears , it’s only possible with one harmonic at a time ?

I’m not sure I understand - I seem to be able to change properties on multiple notes without any issue:

Yes your right , must have been my mistake , this afternoon the whole section of options disappeared except for common ?

thanks richard

Typically that means you’ve got something else selected as well - maybe a grace note? (Grace notes have different properties from normal notes so it’s difficult to show the properties panel if both are selected.)

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Previous , with Dorico harmonics

homemade , explanation of harmonics in the tablature could be better maybe with <8> like in guitarpro