Artificial inteligence features in Cubase

Something like Cortana in Windows 10 ie
to help with problem solving , give chords structure and melody ideas even training
An Artificial inteligend assistand to take over Cubase and communicate with the user in a conversation way
Cortana in Windows 10 shows that it is not science fiction anymore
come on people give your thoughts and ideas about it , get out of the ordinary, imagine it how great that would be
i hope Steinberg is listening .

Get a friend.

To talk about AI and music and Cubase? :slight_smile: We are all friends here in the forum.

AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning are interesting topics.
Feel free to discuss your thoughts and ideas here.

Still I think this FR is a bit vague and it is not clear what you actually mean or want.
Maybe you are just trying to invoke a small brainstorming session on AI here. :slight_smile:

Do you use Cortana in Windows 10 and if yes how do you use it?


The whole idea is to have a more natural man machine interaction and relation it will be most probably more intuitive more productive and less stressfull
i mean if you look at it what we usually do is have a mouse/controller in our hand and look at the monitor all the time
many of us have health problems with our arms, hands, wrists, fingers, shoulder, eyes, headaches etc
i think this will relieve from many problems and make people use Cubase more effectively
i doesn’t have to be related with cortana in any way
i’ve been using computers with music since 1987 the interaction up until today remains the same we see new versions coming up with new additions but nothing regarding the interaction and feel
to my mind cubase IS the best DAW and it is a huge program , how many people do you think know how to use it to the full ? but if you have something like this it i will easier because the computer will be also a trainer
it will give also a more futuristic appeal to cubase and a marketing first

Replace the loops with an editable algorithmic composer. That’s the kind of artificial intelligence it needs. The media loops seem antiquated.

One man’s bloat is another’s needed features.

Well at some point the world changes, like it or not…it will change!

In my business (Datamanagement & Business Intelligence) there is a (experimental) query tool to tell the computer what to query,
so for cubase there is no need to develop AI but only use the API’s for Cortana or SIRI to be able to execute voice commands, for now it’s a nice2have in my opinion.

Please don’t take offense, but I truly think this is a fundamentally horrible idea. Have you ever seen the movie WALL-E?

I recognize that it is currently trendy to rely on devices, systems, AI, etc. to blend our human experience with a computer-directed prescription for life. AI tech is seen as fashionable and desirable. But if you take a step back and look at how many people blindly, compulsively spend a significant portion of their day letting machines tell them what to do next, it’s fairly horrifying. Just for a minute, take yourself out of 2016 and just look at the slumped posture and mindless phone tap-tapping of people in public - people who use their phones to avoid dealing with others. To me, we’re losing an essential part of what it is to be a person.

We as humans are becoming lazy and content to let machines lead us through life. Personally, I believe that an individual should commit him- or herself to music study and practice, such that the individual understands how to put together chords and melodies.

Don’t get me wrong - I understand the utility of having the machine spit out a “solution” for a desired outcome. It’s just that, in the process, the actual end result becomes an artifice. (Yes, I understand this could be a large topic for debate - where does the fine line for “art” get set?) I’m just saying that, for a root principle, I believe we should run in the direction of self-reflection, education and improvement before we just ask the computer to finish our song.

not take over but aid it is all up to the user

The example given by the op is only one use of AI. I would like to see AI in Cubase for midi functions. The Logical Editor is not logical to me. The arpeggiators are static and don’t react to my playing as I would like them to.

Voice commands to replace key commands or to access help files would be something I would find useful. The help could be programmed to take control and actually walk you through the application’s menus and show you how to access the feature you were inquiring about as it plays an audio explanation of what you are seeing on screen.

Of course this isn’t something I would expect to see in the very near future but I could see down the road.