Artis breaking pro

I accidentally downloaded Artist 10.x something update and ran it over my Pro 10.5.5 on Mac. Wasn’t paying proper attention!!! Now the e-licenser is getting confused about not being able to authorise artist/elements plugin set.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
If in need to do a clean install, how to i ensure all elements are removed first?

I can’t think of anything in an Artist installation that wouldn’t be included in Pro.
What exactly does the message say?

varies but here’s one. Usually it crashes but then loads ok

Some things to try…
Start eLCC as an administrator and run maintenance. Also, check for latest version of eLCC. It is possible the installer actually installed an older version than the most current.
Reset the preferences for Cubase or use Safe Start Mode.
If those don’t help, you might try reinstalling eLCC and Cubase.

Artist and Pro installation is the exact same, only your license determine which version you start.

I know it’s listed as a separate file but is the Artist download any different to the Pro one?
It certainly never used to be and still appears to be exactly the same size.

here’s the errors

So, looks like a license error.
Have you tried the advice given by jaslan above and run maintenance after starting the eLCC as an Admin and the the other steps he mentioned?

Yes i downloaded latest version and ran the maintenance. Ive not tried uninstalling Cubase yet, because I want to make sure i get all of it uninstalled to do so, and for that i need advice. Also which preferences to reset?

Reset the Cubase Preferences or use SAFE START MODE.