Artist 10.5 Upgrade from AI


I would like to buy the above mentioned upgrade in a box format. But it’s out of stock everywhere and there’s no information when it will be available.
Can I buy and download it anywhere from Steinberg site or is it not possible because USB E-licenser would be necessary?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Are you in the US?

From what I’ve been told - since you’re in the upgrade period (after Oct 2019) this works/counts as a upgrade from AI to 10.5
And this (the link) also includes a USB eLicenser. Note the “box” is just a code and you DL from online. The USB elicense (dongle) is in the box though, even though the description on the BH site is not clear.

Summary update = all is well
It worked! I used my elicense app and registered my (new) USB elicense “dongle”
Then activated my AI license
Then activated my Artist 9.5
The elicenser control panel then said " updated to 10.5" and shows 10.5 licensed!