Artist 11 is crashing on mixdown with Kontakt

Hi @Matthias_Quellmann,

Cubase Artist 11 is completely crashing every time I try to export any project with Native Instruments plug-ins, it seems to be Kontakt specifically. I had the same problem in Cubase Elements 8 but I could real time export which fixes the issue but in C11, I can’t find the option for real time exports.

Is there an issue with real time export or has it been removed?

In Cubase 11, the export window has changed and much more functionality. You can find the realtime export option at the bottom of the new window:

Hi Michael,
The missing realtime export in Cubase Artist 11 is a bug and will be fixed with the next update. But that Cubase is crashing every time you try to export concerns me. Could you please attach a crash log and provide some details on your system. Which OS version are you running and have you updated Kontakt to the latest version as well?

Make sure you have updated your NI software to the latest version. Kontakt got a few Cubase related fixes in the last couple of versions. Here is a short bit from the version history of Kontakt 6:

6.5.1 - 2021-02-09

Bug fix.

  • FIXED Crash attempting to resolve missing content in Cubase on Windows

Cubase Artist 64bit 2021.1.29 (383.5 KB)

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately this crash log wasn’t generated during audio export. Could you please check if you have a dmp specific to the issue you have reported?

That was the only dmp I have on my computer for some reason but I have this screenshot of the issue.

Basically it will just sit like this for hours without going up or reporting an issue. I can’t even abort the process because the button doesn’t load

Have you checked that Kontakt is updated to the latest version?

Yeah it is, I’ve had two or three updates recently and none of them have helped

Have you tried safe start without your preferences?

Have you tried workarounds? Have you tried feezing the kontakt track first?

Yeah I tried the safe start and freezing the tracks and they aren’t working either

So Freezing is also not working?

Is it only this project or all projects?

Have tried other Kontakt instruments? What happens if Kontakt is empty with no nkis loaded, will it export?

What happens if you copy the MIDI to new kontakt instrument track, and remove previous kontakt

might be worth trying a complete uninstall of Kontakt and reinstall

I haven’t tried with no nkis but it happens on all projects and all of the kontakt instruments

maybe play with some of the studio settings… higher buffer/lower buffer… asio guard on/off, etc.

None of those settings seem to be available for me, I think it may be caused by the bug that was previously mentioned

Could download 30 day Cubase pro Trial to test further

Have you done the basic step of disabling prefs to eliminate that as a problem?

I haven’t but I’ll give that a go, thank you for the link

If the link Steve shared doesn’t work, I’ll try thar