Artist 11. The Pool

How do I keep the Pool open when importing multiple files into the project.
Thanks, Tony

Normally it stays open…
just moves to the background

you can arrange the windows in a different way

Thanks Steffen for replying. Insert into project at cursor the Pool stays open. Drag a file in and it closes.
Much to learn for this boy.

What exactly do you mean by this?

Sorry to be confusing raino. Crazy things are happening trying to open SX3, XP Windows projects in Artist11 Windows 10 PC. The most common problem being lots of files are missing from the projects. How I deal with this is import these files into the Pool from the audio folder, then drag and drop them into the project. When I do this each time the Pool window closes. When there are lots of files involved this is a pain. Just wondering how to keep the Pool window open.

So you are saying

  • When you Import files into the Pool, the pool remains open
  • But when you drag an item from the Pool into the Project then the Pool closes?

If that’s what’s happening it isn’t normal for the Pool to close like that. Does this happen on recently recorded audio? If not how do the files that cause it to close differ from those that don’t? If you start with a brand new Project do these files cause the same problem?

Thanks raino for replying.
Here’s the sorry saga step by step.
I lost the studio to a fire.
At the time I was working with PC Windows XP and Cubase SX3.
The hard drive could be recovered. ( very expensive ).
All backups were lost.
I bought a new PC, Windows 10. Cubase Artist 11.
Recovered files were put into the new PC.
At the time of the fire I was working on 13 songs/ projects.
My first work with Artist 11 was to complete these songs.
When I open these songs/projects many files are missing.
I was only working with audio. No MIDI.
Sometimes the files are missing from their respective Pools, but always in their audio folders.
In this case when a majority of files are missing I import the whole audio folder into the Pool.
Then I drag and drop them into their projects.
Each time I drag and drop the Pool window closes.
When there are lots of files ( 30 or 40 ) this becomes very time consuming.
I reopen the Pool by going into the Project menu.
I’ve no recently recorded files because I want to finish the SX3 projects first.
So, no new projects.
Apart from the missing files a couple of the songs have played at a quickened tempo.
They come good after a few plays.
Also there are many external files in the Pools.
Fader positions, panning and track colours are as they were.
All plug ins were lost but I was made aware this would happen. Something about 32 bit, 64 bit.
Any thoughts on the opening and closing of the Pool and the continual missing files would be great.

Wow, that’s a real mess to deal with.

Normal behavior is for the Pool to remain open after dragging from it as you can see here

Try this

  1. Import all the needed audio files into the Pool
  2. But don’t drag them into the Project
  3. Instead use File>Backup Project… to create an entirely new and independent Project in its own unique Folder
  4. Close Cubase (probably not necessary) and reopen with this new Project
  5. Does this new Project also close the Pool when dragging audio into the Project?

raino, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Sometimes life takes over and we can’t do what we want to do.
I tried your suggestion ( twice ) to no avail. Created a backup project in its own separate folder but still dragging and dropping closes the Pool. At this point I should say " inserting into project at cursor " does not close the Pool. So that will have to do.
I don’t wish to take up anymore of your time because when I start using Artist11 to its full extent there will be many questions. Why the SX3 projects have so many missing files and why there are so many external files in the Pools I’ll just have to deal with.
Thanks so much for your willingness to help.

Can you perhaps post an animated gif showing the problem happening.

raino. It seems I’m not the only one in the family not familiar with animated gifs.
I’m working on it.

This is what I use along with some others in the forum. Easy to use.