Artist 12 - MIDI events displayed over Automation - how to disable?

Hi all. I’ve searched everywhere for answers on two issues I have, but blowed if I can find them here, in the manual, or anywhere else. I’m probably using the wrong search terms and it’s an easy fix, but it’s driving me batty, especially as it appears to be a feature which should only available in Pro!

  1. MIDI notes appear on any automation lane added and I really don’t like that and want to get rid of them but can’t find anything in preferences to remove them, possibly because I shouldn’t have this issue as I only have Artist.

  2. When I record automation over an existing MIDI event, I write enable, and record individually (via playback) for, say, volume, pan etc, and all is ok on the individual lanes (first pic). But when it comes to modulation I have to press Record for it to work and the modulation levels get recorded onto all other parameter lanes (second pic).

Recorded modulation appears on all lanes:

None of this happens with Elements, and I’ve gone through all the settings in Preferences, side-by-side with Artist and can’t for the life of me see anything different which would affect anything.

So I’m throwing myself upon the mercy of the knowledgeable people on here to offer any help and advice, for which I would be really grateful before I go completely insane!

Many thanks for looking.

Isn’t it this setting?
Preferences > Event Display - MIDI > Part Data Mode

Part Data Mode
Determines if and how events in MIDI parts are shown. This setting is overwritten for tracks with drum maps if Use Drum Editor when Drum Map is assigned is activated.

@mlib Thank you for your reply. I have messed with that but it appears to show how MIDI parts are shown universally, not just the automation lanes. I did try setting it from “Blocks” to “No data” and while that did remove the blocks from the automation lane it also removed the blocks from the instrument track! Not ideal :rofl:

If you’d searched the forum you’d found the answer to your question already. There have been several people before you asking the exactly same thing.
Unfortunately the answer is: you can’t in Artist. Only Cubase Pro and Nuendo allow you to toggle this view. Elements does not have this feature at all, so that’s why you never see data on top of automation. Sorry.

Pinging @Matthias_Quellmann as he might consider activating the toggle functionality in Artist in a future version. I don’t think that people will spent money just to be able to switch off data on automation, so maybe it is time to include it in Artist? What do you think, Matthias?

@Johnny_Moneto Thank you for that, and I apologise for my lack of search skills. I DID search - often - but obviously using the wrong terms, though lord knows how.

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