Artist 6 (HALion advice please)

Hi folks,

i really was not sure where to post this question and so i do apologise if it is placed in the wrong section !! And i have not been on my Cubase for a few months due to me having other commitments and so i am working from memory here !!

So, i have Artist 6 and this comes with a HALion software included (might be SE i think). i bought it September 2011. Though as i say, i am not 100% sure what the name of the verrsion was ??

Then in January 2012 i purchased an additional version of HALion (i think this is called HALion Sonic), but in any case it is the next step up from the version included with Artist 6, and for sure it does not have the SAMPLING facility within the package. i have it here and its a 2 x DVD boxset with an Activation Code. As i say, i think this is the additional one i purchased.

Anyway, i believe there is another version of HALion (ie. the next version up) which has SAMPLING facilities on ?? i have been on the Steinberg website but to be honest i am quite confused as to what is what. Bearing in mind the information i have given, would someone please be able to tell me which version this will be called ??

Thanks very much indeed and i hope i have explained all this OK.



Yes, Halion (without sonic or sonic SE in its name) is the major version, with sampling edition. The others can be considered as romplers:

Here is Halion 4:

(Thanks Makumbaria)

To my knowledge the Halion Sonic which comes shiped with Cubase Artist 6 and also Halion SE do not have a Sampler onboard (by which i mean you can import your own samples and manipulate then etc). You can only play/tweak the factory sounds ?? Is that correct ?? And according to the Wikipedia link, these are ROMplers ??

Could someone please confirm if i have understood this ok please ?? Thanks.

Yes that is correct. HSSE comes with Cubase, HS is a paid upgrade which has more instruments and more parameters to tweak, H4 is an all out sampler (as well as a rompler I guess, it has many instruments included) and a synth in one.

THANKS Strophoid,

i really appreciate that as i was a bit confused with the terminology etc !!

Now to upgrade to HALion4 is it only possible as a DOWNLOAD (i do not think there is the option of purchasing DVDs as with HALion Sonic) ?? And if so, do you know approximately how long the download takes ?? i mean, is at 20 x mins or is it 2 x hours ??



It might depend on where you live, but if I check the Steinberg store they only sell a boxed version if you’re buying the full product, if you’re updating from HalionSonic they only have a download version. The download is 800/900 MB depending on whether you need the mac or PC version. I don’t know how fast your connection is so you’ll have to do the math yourself :wink:.

Thanks a lot,

Thats great to know about the SIZE of the download.

When i downloaded Sibelius7 it took 6 x hours because it was nearly 37GB in size (due to all the new samples which came with it).

Obviously if HALion4 is less than 1GB it will take considerably less time !!

i am living in the UK and would be upgrading from HALion Sonic to HALion4.



Note that the 800mb installer is not the full installer. You need Halion Sonic installed already because it needs that content. That’s why the download isn’t very big :wink:

i have HALion Sonic already installed thanks. So should i be ok then ??

Sounds like it :slight_smile:.

i think it says in the HALion4 advert that it comes with 1,500 x sounds. You mentioned that the HALion4 download is quite small in size because it uses content from HALion Sonic. So, does this mean that it uses the sounds (or a great deal of them) from the HALion Sonic and therefore does not literally contain such a large amound of new sounds ??

One of the reasons i would be looking to upgrade to HALion4 is to increase my sounds library and so this factor would be important to me.


It does seem that way, but I woulnd’nt know for certain because I own neither :wink:.

Ok, thanks Strophoid.