Artist 6 Piano Roll Snap/Grid Issue

I was trying to plot new notes in the piano roll, but it wouldn’t snap like it usually does; every note I clicked, no matter where my mouse was, ended up on the very first downbeat. I even played around with the snap, grid, cursor, event, etc. settings and it wouldn’t go back. It was either free-form or the first 16th beat. I don’t remember changing the settings in any way that’d make it do this, but it’s doing it for any MIDI track I try to edit. Has anyone had this problem before, or can at least try to help me? Please and thanks

Can you post a screenshot please (of the entire window)?


“Where the pencil is, is where I clicked”

Oh, nevermind, I just noticed the pencil didn’t show up in the screen shot. It was on the third downbeat.

When you try to input the note do you get the standard crosshair? Or only a horizontal line?
Is it possible your quantize value is somehow at 1/1? (I’m not familiar with quantization to parts)

I’ve been able to reproduce (in Elements).

My “Q” preset is at 1/1.
My “L” preset is at 1/16.

When I move the mouse over the editor window, I only get a horizontal line.
I place my cursor at the 3rd beat and click briefly.
I get a 1/16 note at the first downbeat.

Basically a 1/16th note is being placed in the whole note position.

Oh, that was it! Thanks! It turns out I somehow made a preset quantize setting out of my song that screwed everything up. So, I deleted the preset and turned it back to 1/16. Thanks again! I feel stupid now

Thanks again! I feel stupid now

No need for this :wink: we all started and struggled first at the easyiest things.

Greetz Bassbase