Artist 6 / sample editor, snap question

I am trying to learn how to match imported audio to the tempo of a new project. I have followed the instructions in the manual and was successful in a simple test. I did encounter a couple of things, however, that puzzled me.

I imported a 3 bar loop and set the snap point two beats into first bar. I then wanted to move the event to the beginning of the project but found that although the snap point would initially snap to, when I released the mouse button the beginning of the event would snap back to I realized I had to trim the event so the beginning of the event did not precede the snap point. How do you make the cursor snap to the snap point in an event that you want to cut at the snap point?

Also , when in the Sample Editor, the manual describes a second ruler you get when the ‘Definitions’ tab is open, but I don’t understand what the second ruler is measuring? I do notice that the two rulers differ in that, at least at first, one starts at bar 0 and the other at bar 1.