Artist 6 score editor crash

Hi all,

I have a question concerning Cubase Artist 6,

  • I have installed Cubase Artist 6 , updated to 6.0.6 but when I install the 6.5 “grace” upgrade the score editor gives the “A serious problem has occurred” message when I click anything and the program subsequently stops working
  • there should be a LOG file according to the message but this doesn’t exist

I tried de-installing and re-installing both 32/64 versions but both have the same problem, I also tried the “hiding the preferences” trick but this also doesn’t work

My main concern is that I actually want to upgrade to Cubase 6 since a lot of work I do is score based (my main graphic scores are done in Finale) and I am used to working with scores but would like to add some Midi/audio tracks

  • Is this problem also known to occur in Cubase 6 (64-bit) ?
  • Since there is no LOG file how do I present this problem to Support ?

I hope you understand my dilemma, kind regards


Same problem treated here … 07#p130207 (first post on 15th of March) … 39#p125539

Still no way to solve it. Waiting from Steinbgerg team for a cure…

Hi Midimanu

thanks for your reply, it looks like it’s better not to upgrade from Artist to Cubase 6 at this moment untill the matter is solved


At least for me, everything works fine as long as the infoline is disabled. You can do that by opening an editor and clicking the top left button.

Sure, I work now the same way, but I used (and would like to use as well) the Info line for changing numbers, positions, etc. Why should I go back to RaveDJ, when I upgraded to a better software? Hope this issue will be solved…
By-the-way… I have this problems in Cubase Artist 6.5.1

Dunno, this happens to me too. It’s a workflow killer. None of the standard treatments work such as trashing prefs and all that. This isn’t an exclusive C6 bug, since Essential 5 has the same issue as well. If this isn’t fixed (or the Score Editor not updated) I’m tempted to switch to Sibelius since it seems to be exlusively staff work which is 90% of what I do. I’m not threatening, I’m just questioning whether a change might be more beneficial to such work.

Didn’t kmow it was before in CEssential. I used LE5 and AI4 with no such an issue. If that’s the case, they should fix it soon, but the clock is ticking…
Indeed it’s pretty annoying, but it’s not only Score editor, is Key editor as well! So NO WAY OUT! No alternative.

Score editor, key editor and drumeditor (and I’ve been told in-place editor as well, but I never use that.) all suffer from it. Never had it happen before 6.5 though, nor have I heard anyone reporting it for other versions but you Bane. My first reaction is that your issue is probably different, but who knows, this may have been lurking under the Cubase hood for a long while.

I’m new to the forum and this is my first post.

Basically, I’m having the same issue of the error message in Cubase Artist 6.5 saying “A serious problem has occurred” when I click on any note in the score editor.

I upgraded to Artist 6.0 from LE5 and then immediately upgraded to the free update of 6.5. What’s odd to me is that I would get the same error in LE5 when I would close certain VST instrument interfaces. And as you probably all know, LE5 doesn’t even have a score editor. But now that doesn’t happen anymore. The same error now only appears with the score editor.

Anyway, I filled out the detailed support ticket a few days ago hoping to hear something back from them.

I wanted to post this so that others may see that this is happening. I know it made me feel somewhat better seeing that others are going through the same issue.

UPDATE: I got a reply back today from Steinberg Support. They said they need to see the log file in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Cubase. Well, I already explained to them in the support ticket that there is NO log file to be found there since that directory is for the 32 bit installation and mine is the 64 bit. So mine should be located in C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase since it’s Windows 7. So I had to reply back to them that I can’t send the file if it can’t be found on the hard drive anywhere (I did a search). I did find a a crash dump file though in the 64 bit Program Files directory. I can’t open it but perhaps they can. It’s from the Artist 6.5 crashes. So I sent them that since I had nothing else.

By the way, I tried the trashing preferences trick already and that made no difference.

For some reason, for about three months the problem is becoming infrequent. I’m not sure why. Sure as I post this it’ll crash again! :unamused:

I have found, over years of upgrading, that I always end up with a much more stable Cubase when I “trash prefs” immediately after the installation of the patch. The downside of this is that you lose all settings and Cubase starts up like it would out of the box. You need to develop a strategy to selectively save out your settings – check out the manual under “Customizing/Where are the settings stored?”. Then you can comfortably “trash prefs” and put back things like I/O settings and port names by just copying over some specific files.

This is certainly an area in which Cubase needs to improve – there are settings files scattered all over the place, and it’s an “all or nothing” case unless you’re sufficiently computer-literate to grasp the concept of a file system and understand the consequences of deleting what may be essential system files. From a developer’s perspective, not only are the settings scattered all over the disc, there’s no uniformity in terms of the file format, although (at least in recent times) there’s been a move towards the universally accepted XML.

That means… next week!

Yep, I spoke too soon. Had another crash this evening. :frowning: