Artist 7.5 Generic Remote Error

Hi, I have in the past had my device set up working with my transport on my Akai MPK. I can get it to work, until I close cubase, when I reopen cubase it appears that cubase does not remember my specific settings. Thus, I have to go in each time I want to use my transport and reconfigure it.

Notice on the bottom of the screen Where it says Fader 1, Transport, Device, Stepback bar

Well I have to set those everytime I open cubase. Even if I try to import my settings file. This worked on cubase 7

But on 7.5, it works, but is a pain in the rear. It should open to my desired settings everytime

Have you tried (re)exporting this Generic Remote after you edit it?

Did that yes

Figured it out, you have to rename those files in the upper area. Otherwise, for whatever reason, cubase forgets about it. Strange

That’s true, every entry has to have a unique name…