Artist 7.5 Upgrade

Sorry if in wrong forum area. Emailed Steinberg support a week ago and zero response. =(

I am 99% certain I will be purchasing retail boxed Artist 7 and wanted to know if anyone can tell me for SURE if I will be able to upgrade to 7.5 for FREE?! I see the grace period mentioned on the website, about registering after December 3, 2013, etc…

Does anybody know for a FACT that the 7.5 upgrade for me would be free if I register on probably Thursday of next week and do the upgrade?? THANKS!!

Try to figure out, if “thursday of next week” is after December 3, 2013, and you´ve got your answer…

LOL! Clever. Why yes, indeed it would be after December 3, 2013. So I guess that is my answer. I found the information here

Heading to sweetwater now to ADD TO CART. Also peculiar, no e-tailers even have Artist 7.5 available for sale, only version 7. I will post here once I get the package and do the upgrade to let folks know if it was successful or not. I will be really upset if I can’t get the free 7.5 upgrade.

Of course you only get a free “Cubase Artist 7.5” update, not a “Cubase 7.5” upgrade.

Package has been ordered. What do you mean “update” versus “upgrade”? I will install the Artist 7 from DVD media and then follow instructions for the grace period stuff. I would assume if I ever need to format my PC and reload everything I’d still retain the 7.5 license on my key?

Oh nevermind, I misread what you wrote. Yes, I know it’s only ARTIST version and not the “PRO” more expensive one. I cannot afford the big guy… Artist is more at my price point. Thx.

In Steinberg world updates are if you stay within the same line (from Elements 6 to Elemenmts 7 for example) upgrades are if you go to a “higher line” version from Elements 7 to full version 7 for example)