Artist 7 / C7 Comparison (help?)

Hi folks,

i installed Cubase 7 (full) TRIAL version tonight. But to be honest i am not sure if i like it or not !! :blush:

Maybe its because i am so used to Artist 6 now (having been using this for 18 x months) ?? The design of C7 is very different and (to me) everything seems easier to use and much more accessible on Artist 6. But i only had a mess about with it for an hour and so admittedly it is a bit early to say. Though as a first impression i am totally thrown off course. :open_mouth:

Anyway, what i wanted to ask please was is Cubase Artist 7 (in terms of the points mentioned above) CLOSER to Artist 6 or to C7 (full) ?? As far as i can see (from looking on the Steinberg website) there is no trial version for Artist 7 (though i could be wrong).

i am looking to upgrade from Artist 6 and so any advice will be very helpful in assisting me to choose the version most suited to my preferences.



Look through the comparison chart between Cubase full and Cubase Artist and decide if there is anything not in Artist that you cannot live without. You’ll find a link to a pdf file comparing the two on THIS page.

Thank you Bass Hole,

i did that a few days ago when i was comparing Artist 6 with C7.

What i am concerned with here is the general appearence of things like the Arranger Page, Transport Panel, Mixing Desk etc. It is these factors which have (at the moment) put me off purchasing C7.



I can’t find the arranger page. The transport panel is the same. The mixing desk…er, MixConsole is mostly the same.

Thanks BH for looking. i appreciate that.

You mean that the Artist 7 pages are the same as Artist 6, or as C7 ??

Where did you find this information ??



I bought the upgrade to Artist before going full Cubase. :wink:

So you still have Artist 7 on your PC now ?? If so, you obviously know what i mean by the Main Arranger page. Or are you just not able to access it at the moment ??

What you YOU think of the differences yourself ?? Or are you quite happy with them ??