Artist 8 - New Macbook, No Sound, Output Won't Connect

Hi All,

New to the forum!

I’m not sure what’s missing, but I just installed Cubase 8 Artist on my new Macbook and it opens fine, imports a file and I’m able to press the transport button and the meters are dancing, but no sound comes out. It says “audio outputs not connected” in the upper left. When I click on that, I get the VST Connections window and indeed, device port not connected. Under the Audio Device column, it says not connected. So I click on that and ask it to use built-in audio, but it won’t select that. It’s there, but it won’t select.

My old Mac is in my drawer at work - it has the latest Yosemite as well, but it’s 3 years old. I can’t try it today to see if it works, but I’m wondering if it’s a hardware thing with the new machines?

I have sound very every other program. I’ve also installed demos of every other DAW I can find form Propellerhead to Ableton and they all work fine. But Cubase won’t work. It’s the ONLY thing that won’t connect.

OSX - Yosemite 10.10.3. Box said I should be able to use 10.10.