Artist 8 to Artist 8.5 installation problems

Hi Everyone
When I download and load the installer, it gives me every indication that I am upgrading from Artist 8 to Artist 8.5. When I launch the initial first time from from the desktop icon, it starts to launch Pro 8 (?) and give me a splash screen that says “Your Cubase Pro 8 trial license has expired. You cannot use it any longer”. Nothing loads and I’m apparently out $40 for the upgrade.

Cubase Artist and Pro use the same executable and installer.

Upgrading from 8 to 8.5 requires you to buy a license (which you did), simply downloading and installing 8.5 isn’t enough. The license code should have been emailed to you.

Hi Romantique Tp
Oh I have all of that, I can’t get as far as the splash screen on the installation of 8.5. Instead of telling me ‘welcome to Artist 8.5 kind of thing’, it tells me welcome to Pro (not artist 8.5) and I get this “Your Cubase Pro 8 trial license has expired. You cannot use it any longer”( I never asked for a pro trial). I click ‘OK’ and everything disappears. I didn’t ask for ‘pro’ but it’s telling me I did(??), but it’s the right update Artist 8.5 (896mb, version Cubase artist 8.5 update installer_ win)

Are you sure you did activate your license? When you don’t have a valid license for Steinberg software, it tries to run in trial mode. There’s no trial for Cubase Artist, so if you don’t have a valid license it will try to run Cubase Pro.

If you have a valid 8.5 license, it should look like this:

In your case it would say “Cubase Artist 8.5”. Could you run the eLicenser Control Center and check what it says? Does it list anything else?

Here’s a short video guide on how to activate your license and how to recover it in case there was an error during activation. He skips maintenance tasks, but I would recommend you to run them: