Artist 9.5 crashing all the time - need help please!

Please help! My Cubase crashes 2-3 minutes within opening it, saying “Cubase has stopped working” and then closes without an opportunity to save the project I’m working on.

Recently I bought Cubase Artist 9.5 recently and a new Alienware Aurora desktop specifically so that I could record my own music from home. I installed the Cubase software, I have the most up-to-date version of Windows 10 (fully updated - fall creators update) which should be compatible with Cubase Artist 9.5. I use XLN addictive drums VST plugins as well as Waves Gold Bundle and Chris Lord-Alge VST plugins - everything is 64 bit, just like my OS. My DAW is a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6. It’s a fairly standard set up and shouldn’t have any issues, yet Cubase keeps crashing and I have absolutely no idea why.

I have reinstalled Windows, rolled Windows back to a previous update, uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase and all of my plugins, still - it always crashes, and I have no idea what is causing this problem.

I live in Hong Kong so the Steinberg website directed me to Yamaha to act as their agent, I have emailed them a few times and no reply in over a week. I have had a ticket open on the Steinberg website - #73387 and have had absolutely no response in over a week. I have tried the online live help on the Steinberg website, even when it says online help available, I cannot speak to anyone at Steinberg. My mobile package doesn’t allow me to call the US hotline for help and there is no support email address - I am receiving absolutely no support and have recently spent a fortune on all of this software. It is making me quite distraught that no one can help me, thus I need to turn to the forums to ask for help. I have had a project I’ve needed to record urgently and absolutely cannot with this software running so unreliably.

I should also mention that the latency when plugging a guitar in to my DAW is over 5MS too which may seem low but really is bothering me. Cubase crashes before I am able to record and save anything though anyway. I ran a similar setup on my old Alienware laptop with Cubase Essentials and my same DAW and had no noticeable delay in the signal in terms of latency which is something else I am puzzled by, as my new hardware and software is supposedly better than what I had before.

As per my support ticket, I have tried attaching my crash dump files here too as well as my PC’s specific specs by DXDiag but the forum cannot attach these formats.

I’m willing to supply any additional information needed to try and solve this and am hoping there are a few kind souls out there who can get the tunes flowing once more. Please bear in mind that while I do know the basics, I am much less of an engineer or producer than I am a musician, which is partly the reason why I’m finding it so difficult to pinpoint what the exact issue is that is causing Cubase to Crash (most usually at moments when I am adding effects and plugins to a channel such as applying the Chris Lord-Alge guitar plugin, which is apparently supported by Cubase, to a channel assigned to a guitar for example).

If any Steinberg staff out there read this, or anyone for that matter who might be able to help with this issue, I would sincerely appreciate some assistance.


Share the crash dump files (via Dropbox or similar), please. They are located in Documenst/Steinberg/crashdumps