artist 9.5 -No access to program after Win 10 update

Recently I put together a brand new Home recording set up using the ASUS Zen ZN2201CUT desktop pc with Win 10 installed,the Steinberg UR242 interface and the included Cubase AI 9 software.On 1st November I upgraded to Artist9,then upgraded to Artist 9.5 last week. All versions worked perfectly until my pc received a Win 10 update yesterday [Sunday 19th] I restarted my pc,tried to open artist 9.5 and the following error message came up :’ Application Cubase/Artist has caused the following error - An important service has become unresponsive -restart pc to fix problem.’ I’ve tried a number of restarts,tried opening as administrator and updated USB elicenser to latest version,still same error message.
I have also removed the USB elicenser,restarted pc and the same error is shown.I have also tried to open the previous versions of Cubase - same message. I’m still without access to Artist 9.5,which is annoying after spending the money on upgrades and wonder if anyone out there has had the same issue. I don’t want to do a factory reset of the pc if possible, any other options or fixes?

Hi and welcome,

Try to start eLCC as administrator, and click Maintenance. Then Quit eLCC and try to start Cubase.

Try to uninstall and reinstall Cubase Artist 9.5.

After a Windows update you have to start the elicenser control center once as administrator. After that it should go again. Maybe you should install the current version of the Control Center.