Artist 9 Hangs on Exit

Good Morning

I’m on a Windows 7 64bit network, I’ve just installed Artist 9 on brand new HP PCs - i5, 4/8gb ram, 250gb ssd, realtek audio chipsets - and while Artist performs well it either hangs on closing, for around 30-60 seconds or goes into ‘Not Responding’ where we have to task kill it.

The project window closes ok, it appears to the application ‘shell’ that remains open.

I’ve updated all hardware with the latest drivers and put the latest Asio drivers on too, but this hasn’t made any difference. I’ve also ran the latest Artist update.

As we’re on a network, we have redirected appdata folders and while monitoring the processes that were running during the closing of Artist it appears that the defaults.xml and the window layout.xml files were being written to several hundred times. I’m not certain if that is normal?

I’ve ran Artist as a local admin user (thinking it could be something to do with the redirection / network permissions etc) and exactly the same thing happened - a hang for around a minute.

Could someone point me towards an area that could be a source of this issue?

Many Thanks

Hi and welcome,

These XML files are always written while closing Cubase. But of course, it should be written only once. Could you try to trash the Cubase preferences (delete the folder, where is the defaults.xml file stored) and try it again, please?