Artist 9: List Editor, Ext Midi questions

Greetings. Could you please tell me:

(a) is the List Editor included in Cubase Artist 9?
(b) can Cubase Artist 9 send MIDI information to external MIDI equipment (e.g. sound modules) through a USB-2-MIDI interface or a USB Audio Interface that has MIDI OUT and MIDI IN ports?
© can the user choose not to have the bottom control bar, to gain some screen real estate?

Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

(a): Yes, it’s part of Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro. Not in Cubase Elements and lower.
(b): Yes, all Cubase versions can send MIDI data to any external hardware device, and can receive MIDI data from any hardware MIDI device.
©: Yes. But the bottom Transport bar saves the space, and it’s much smaller then the old Transport Panel (dedicated window) form my experience.

Go for it. :wink:

Thank you for your reply. I may very well go for it because I think it is an amazing program and possibly the only one that assist me in the extensive RPN/NRPN editing that I need to control my external hardware MIDI equipment. I understand that a USB e-Licenser will be necessary and hopefully registration/activation on windows 10 and macOS will not be too difficult.


Activation is very simple process.

Go for the upgrade during August, the price is 40% off now.

Hello Martin, i d like to send nrpn to generic peripheric to have fine adjusment of volume
Do you know if it can be recognized (i have tried unsuccessfully ) and how
Thank s


First of all, I would recommend to start a new thread for this.

How exactly do you want to send it? Do you want to make a Cubase Device? Or just from the MIDI Track as common MIDI Data?

Hello again, I purchased a USB e-licenser key from my local Steinberg dealer. Could you please tell me how I can make this USB e-licenser show in the MySteinberg Account? I have transferred the Soft e-licenses for LE8 and LE9 to the USB e-licenser but I cannot see it in the MySteinberg Account. Is this important and/or necessary before I buy Artist 9?


It’s highly recommended. To do so, register or from eLCC application.

Well i retry my question:
generic remote can send CTRL-RPN, but is it able to receive a CTRL-RPN?
If I check the option “learn” and send with my electronic module:
0xB0,0x65,0x00 RPN MSB
0xB0,0x64,0x01 RPN LSB
0xB0,0x06,0x64 DATA ENTRY MSB

it only recognize the last send 0xB0,0x06,0x64 AS A classic CC
Pehaps is there another way to do this
Thanks a lot Martin


Yes and no… :slight_smile:

Generic Remote can Receive MIDI CC 98 (NRP LSB), MIDI CC 99 (NRP MSB) and MIDI CC 6 (Data Entry). But the problem is, Cubase handle them as individual messages. So you cannot use NRPNs as different messages. So you cannot control parameter A with CC98=0 & CC99=0 and pass thru CC6 value, and parameter B with CC98=1 & CC99=0 and pass thru CC6 value. Is it clear?

Thanks for your prompt answer
That’s clear
So i cannot command fine volume or other fine parameter with generic remote,it is really a pity, it dont recognize also
0xE0 midi data