Artist branding

I’m building myself a cajon, and thought it would be fun to get a nice logo on it. I had a go in and here’s the result, what do you think? Obviously the strohpoid shape has to make an appearance :slight_smile:

I went with basic colours and shapes, to make it easier to edit and resize later on, without too much artifacts etc. It should also make printing a bit cheaper and more accurate. The idea is to get it printed on a transparent sticker.

Cheers for the reply. You should realise that white isn’t white in this case, white is transparant and the sticker will be on light wood. That should break up the huge contrast you see now.

Quickly threw this together, this is what it’d look like on the surface, is that better?

I like it. Looks good.

Cheers, I’ll have a go at some subtle gradients then :slight_smile:
Thanks Jaslan!

Nice design. :sunglasses: I started to wonder actually if it might be further enhanced with a bit of ‘3D’ treatment and set on a grungier background? I had a bit of a fiddle to try best explain the sort of thing I mean.

Sorry! :blush: hope you don’t mind me messin’ with your design :confused:

Oh nice job mate, that’s a great idea :smiley:
I love the relief edges, I’ll see if I can recreate that effect!

I’ll probably leave the flare out though, that’s a bit too much for my liking :wink:

Cheers for the effort, I’ll post back when if and when I succeed. How did you get those edges?

The edges were created with a combination of Bevel, Emboss and Contour settings (Layer Style/FX). I cut the image up into sections and spread the various parts across different layers. Aside from the lens flare I also I added a glow to the ‘eye’. (Actually I should have also shifted the tint for the glow towards red). The background - I just searched on the word “grunge” and found a ton of free images to choose from.


Yeah I noticed the glow, I’ll see about that. Thanks for the clarification, that’s roughly what I had in mind as well.
As for the background, I think I’ll stick to transparent. If I get a transparent sticker for my cajon (nicely painted wood) and one for my laptop (brushed aluminum) that should look great, seeing just the logo on them.