Artist control and Cubase 9 pro

After installing cubase 9 I don’t have any commands showing on my artist control screen or the buttons, is this an avid problem or steinberg? i got a xml file and renamed it but some things are missing. The button shows the command but when you go into the eucon editor no command is there, I have been going though them and adding the commands but I would rather not I would prefer to be mixing is this going to be fixed?

Using artist control as well - renamed the XML-file from “cubase85” to “cubase9” and I’m able to use it as usual.
All commands - even the new “zones commands” in the EuControl program are there.


Eucon identifies each version of Cubase as a seperate application (which in fact they are). That’s why you have to either recreate all your Eucon soft key assignments, or copy the XML as suggested above.

While we are at it… where can I find the XML for the Artist Controller and cubase?

ANd: Is there a way to start with an EMPTY one? (iow to assign commands from an empty template on?)

CHeers, ERnst

On Windows, it’s contained somewhere in this folder: Users/USER NAME/Appdata/Roaming/Euphonix

From memory, it’s the one in the sub-folder called Dyn_Appsets but it might be the UserSets sub-folder.

If you want to start with an empty one, you can simply delete the XML file for Cubase 9 (or rename it for safe keeping).

MAny, many thanks! :slight_smile:

I duplicated the xml file (Mac), and it got my Transport working which wasn’t previously, but Soft Keys are still not there.

Any suggestions? Really don’t want to reprogram them all again