Artist Series Controller Question: Hardware & Software don't match

Perhaps, I’m not understanding the Eucon Protocol. I was under the impression that the Eucon Protocol was the universally pre-set standard for all “Member DAWs.”

If, a command for a DAW is on “the list” in the hardware and that command works on said DAW, then WHY DOESN’T THE HARDWARE ALWAYS SHOW THE COMMAND IT JUST GAVE?

Example: In Nuendo 7, there is a command that let’s you duplicate a track. If I select a kick drum and press the Duplicate Track Button on my MC Control, I get 2 kick drum tracks showing in the Nuendo 7 Mixer and on my Artist Mix.

But if I use one of my “Channel Visibility Agents,” to show a particular channel view, ONLY THE DAW CHANGES, NOT THE CONTROLLERS.

I could understand it if my command came from another source, say my Xkeys or my QWERTY keyboard. But when the command comes from the controller itself, it seems like the hardware and software SHOULD work together on that command! Why is that? Why does it work on some things but not others?

Further confusing this issue is the fact that, where the hardware doesn’t match the software screen, I can write macros that will make the hardware follow the command! If I can develop and use this work-around, that means that the capability was there all along, thus negating the need for the work-around! Why wasn’t the macro already included in the protocol?

What am I missing here?

I got this response from the Avid Artist Series Site.

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There is one set of EUCON commands to let the surface make stuff happen in the DAW, and another set of things the DAW uses to display stuff on the surface. None of your DAW is actually running on the surface, able to just magically display stuff there. It is the DAW specifically doing stuff to get things displayed over EUCON on your surface, and that is different than just displayed on the host computer…

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My Response:
But isn’t that true across the board? In Nuage, the console surface ALWAYS matches the screen. Same goes for PT & the S6. > Isn’t that just preset programming? > The DAW sends specifically coded EUCON DATA to make the surface reflect whatever the DAW is doing at any given point.

As I stated earlier, if I can write a Macro that makes my 3 Artist Series units match the Visibility Agents view in Nuendo, when I launch a particular view, then that tells me that EUCON understands that command. Therefor, it COULD have been incorporated from the manufacturer. If that’s not correct, then that would be what I’m trying to understand about the protocol.

Can anyone here speak to this? :question:

The problem is that when you hide a track in Nuendo (or Cubase), the track will still be displayed on a Eucon control surface. This is something that Steinberg need to solve (rather than Avid). Steinberg reps in the past have indicated that they have solved this issue and have some kind of working beta but sadly it has never materialised. This is the number one issue that needs to be fixed with Steinberg/Eucon in my opinion.

The reverse is also true, if you have a folder or automation lane open, the hardware WON’T see that! It’s annoying as hell! It’s doubtful that SB will bother with any updates for the MC. But is this problem still present with the S3?

Yes, it’s still present with an S3, or any other Eucon controller. And yes, it’s annoying as hell!

It’s a shame because Eucon is excellent with Steinberg software, and actually works better than with Pro Tools in many areas. e.g. custom plugin parameter mapping which you can’t do with Pro Tools.

Well THAT’S depressing! :frowning: It feels like I purchased a controller “KIT,” rather than an actual controller. They’ll give you the components and you can have “hours of fun programming the controller to do what you want it to do!” :laughing:

One more question. Is there any way to program the faders of the MC to control 3 separate monitors in the control room? You get the one CR knob which works with the CR master knob in the DAW. But Nuendo allows for multiple monitors that can be balanced and run individually from the CR controls. I would like to map those controls to 3 faders in the MC (1. Surround 5.1, 2. Large Stereo Monitors & 3. Cube Stereo Monitors). The only thing I’ve figured out is how to map the faders to the stereo out busses. But that will actually change the volume of the mix. I DON’T want to do that. I just want to control the listening volume like the CR knob. Is there any way to do that?

I use an Avid Artist Transport for Control Room. You can program buttons to switch between your different sets of monitors (or you could use buttons on any Eucon controller). Then you can assign the wheel to alter the Control Room volume -this will effect the volume on all of your monitors, but of course you will only hear the monitors that you have selected.

I’m not aware of any other way to control the CR volume with other Eucon controllers although I have no experience with the Artist Control (I presume you could use the wheel). I don’t believe it’s possible to control the CR with faders.